DEC 2005 -Applied for AutoCAD
NOV 2005 -Production exceeded to 6,000,000 units per month.
OCT 2005 -Purchased of Nut Former M/C Model: 14B 2 sets
               -Nut Tapping Machine Model: LS-NT-13B-4T
MAR 2005 -QA System was established
               -Nut Tapping Machine Model: LS-NT-13B-4T 1 set
               -Purchased of Nut Former M/C Model: LS-C-NF-14B-6S 1 set
DEC 2004 -Pass the Internal Audit for Quality Management System,
                and received the ISO 9001:2000 approval from TUV
NOV 2004 -Factory was established
               -Nut Former Machine 4 sets
               -Nut Tapper Machine 10 sets
               -Okamoto Grinding M/C 1 set
APR 2003 -Quality Control Section was established.
               -PC computer management system was implement
MAR 2003 -Siam Neji Company Limited was established
Awards and Certificates
The TUV CERT Certification Body for QM Systems of RWTUV Systems GmbH
hereby certifies in accordance with TUV CERT
ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949